Boutique Paints tailored for the individual

for the those who desires a subtly bold individualistic style


We can support you with product and colour selection to give you the showcase finish you deserve.

Trouble Shooting

Everyone is different, and so too is your home. So it is only natural that each project has its own set of challenges. We can assist to help solve problem areas where the normal cookie cutter wont fit.

Colour Lab

We provide advice and guidance to colour select for supply point-of-sale or bulk colour mixes.

Knowledge is power

We believe in empowering your staff, representatives, end user and client. We offer training on product selection and application as required by stakeholders.


Customer orientated paint manufactures

We are a family owned and run paint manufacture for the past twenty years. Paint is not our game, it is what we eat, breath and live. We aim to produce quality paints based on customer feedback rather that telling designers, architects, home owners or asset managers what they need. Our range is driven by an organic growth through direct market opinion and demand.


Adding the final touch of class should be as effortless as living in it.


We have the latest products, it must be exciting for you


Open your world to new paint possibilities

Borrow from natures colour pallet

Fashion might come and go, but nature will always remain timeless. Arguably no man made item can ever compete with the raw unedited beauty nature serves on its plate. Its splendour often escapes in the attempt to trying to contain it in a mere image. The boldness in its delicate, yet simple design is a true marvel so easily taken for granted. In all its awn, take direction from the amazingness we call nature.

Options for coating floors

It forms the portal to places and people, ground us and connect us to mother earth. We come in contact with floors everyday of our lives. We either just shuffle along from one place to the next or to spend quality time on one spot for things that matter the most. However we choose to utilize the space, floor care is more important than most would like to think. The area, traffic and use, will determine the quality options available in your arsenal to deliver a stunning long lasting finish to sweep anyone off their feet.

Find fun and bold inspiration

A sudden brilliance in design and decor may occur when you mentally stimulate your mind. To access and nurture our own natural sense of flair and creativity might be easier to unlock than we think. Harvesting from the passion and dedication of others can quickly ignite a spark in finding our own voice and ideas. Discover your eureka moment and get the creative juices oozing with these simple creations.


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