We are customer orientated paint manufactures

We are a family owned and run paint manufacture for the past twenty years. Paint is not our game, it is what we eat, breath and live. We aim to produce quality paints based on customer feedback rather that telling designers, architects, home owners or asset managers what they need. Our range is driven by an organic growth through direct market opinion and demand.

Our History

The Wallcraft range was created by a very prominent hardware chain in the 1980’s due to the strong need to supply a product that offers excellent value for money. This was people who spoke to the end user everyday and realise that not everyone is willing to pay the fee for a name. So what they did was recruited experienced staff from the bigger, well known, brands and created a range where you know that every rand you spend is based on the cost of the product and not the value of the brand name. Being a very reputable company, they gave the consumer the peach of mind that they are buying quality. To seal the deal, they ensured their products could match the guarantees given by the opposition.

It came as no surprise that the strategy worked and they read the market correctly. The business grew to such an extent that it could not be managed as a sideline project anymore. Wallcraft become an independent fully fledged entity. Wallcraft was being supplied to most hardware stores in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Unfortunately, business also became more complicated. Being rocked by the plant burning down, to bad dept and the passing of the investor who made it is personal project, the partners decided to refocus on their core business of servicing the community.

The business was sold and started a new phase in its evolution. The new owners realised the potential the range offers and looked at expanding its foot print. And keeping in line to its core value of remaining the peoples paint, the new owners happen to also own a chain of well respected paint retailers.

Over the thirty years of existence, Wallcraft has not only proven itself over and over again, but it has grown from strength. With sound business practices, strong values and focused philosophies, the brand will continue to do so long into the future.

Wallchem Manufacturing cc

The group comprises of four divisions: manufacturing of quality decorative coatings, manufactures of premium waterproofing products, paint retailers and project management. With a business so deeply rooted in a wide value chain, special care is taken to ensure that we do not compromise relationships build with our partners.

Trouble Shooting

Everyone is different, and so too is your home. So it is only natural that each project has its own set of challenges. We can assist to help solve problem areas where the normal cookie cutter wont fit.

Colour Lab

We provide advice and guidance to colour select for supply point-of-sale or bulk colour mixes.

Knowledge is power

We believe in empowering your staff, representatives, end user and client. We offer training on product selection and application as required by stakeholders.

Product Selection

Selecting the correct product for the application is more important than selecting brand or quality bracket. We are here to assist you to get the best bang for your buck while achieving a professional finish