Test of Time

Purposely selected by Wallcraft Paints

Sophisticated and dramatic

Assert a level of consistent style and confidence that goes beyond the noise created by the latest craze. These colours have been popular long before the Makarina or the Floss. Its beauty is not only defined by unwavering class, but its bold impact to be remembered. Long after the yellows, beiges and greys are forgotten, these accents will continue to fill the high end magazine covers.
Collection Image

Off-White Palette
Dock of the bay TC-01
Antique Teal TC-02
Washed linen TC-03
Neutral Age TC-04
Rolling Time TC-05
Cigar Bar TC-06
Pumpkin Patch TC-07
White Beach TC-08

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of how the colour is produced on a display, it is impossible to match the true paint colour. It is therefore strongly recommend visiting a retail partner to get an accurate paint sample for a true colour reflection. Light emitting displays use additive colours to emit the colour we perceive. Non light emitting mediums such as paint relies on subtractive colours to absorb all light frequencies any only reflect back the colour we perceive. On top of that, the type and intensity of light effect they way a colour is emitted the same as how sheen or gloss effects how colours are reflected from paint.